Panama papers uncover HCS Pro League details

Investigators today have reported that details of the upcoming HCS Pro league in Europe have been leaked in documents seized under the ‘Panama Papers’ scandal. Players have been left eagerly awaiting information regarding the… Continue reading

Wonderboy and Gaskin arrested on ‘having fun’ charges

National Halo celebrities Wonderboy and Gaskin have been arrested today following an incident at Multiplay’s Insomnia 57 event. The pair audaciously appeared on the community stream in bathrobes, shocking all 150 viewers and seven teams in… Continue reading

Region lock removal just an April Fools

Many gamers across Europe this morning woke up to the news that region lock has finally been removed. Players can now successfully match other people across the globe when searching public playlists and have reported shorter… Continue reading

Sell your soul for REQ packs, offer Microsoft

Microsoft are set to pilot a new offer which will allow players to sell their soul for a REQ pack, it has emerged. The offer is expected to coincide with the beginning of the highly anticipated “pro league”,… Continue reading

Halo not a real sport, claim darts players

Halo is not a real sport, claim darts players. It has emerged that the dart playing community is disgruntled at Halo’s recognition as a sport at the recent xgames, and now substantial prize fund at… Continue reading

Donald Trump Pledges to build wall around NA Halo Servers

Donald Trump has revealed his intentions to build a wall around North America’s Halo servers if he succeeds in the upcoming election. In a shock reveal, he announced that he had been working with the… Continue reading

Storm Rifle still not good enough, agrees everyone

In a rare case of mutual agreement, the community and development team have reached the conclusion that the storm rifle is still not good enough. After a flood of complaints from the community asking… Continue reading

Competitions aren’t fair unless you win, studies show

Recent studies have revealed that a competition isn’t fair unless you win. Dr Mas Terchef from the University of LANcaster published this statement to accompany his research: “Over a sample of at least 3 tournaments,… Continue reading

Junior doctors to retire and become Halo Commentators

Following recent controversy regarding contract changes made by Jeremy Hunt, the Junior Doctors Union has declared that they are going to quit and become Halo Commentators instead. When asked why they were making… Continue reading