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Gfinity announce inverse hyperbolic time chamber as surprise HWC venue

Gfinity announced today that the surprise venue for the HWC open will be an inverse hyperbolic time chamber located in West London. We spoke to Mark ‘Onset’ Hatcher, whom for some reason in… Continue reading

Top 5 things you NEED to know before EU Pro League Finals

Pro league postponed until players are supplied with Google Fiber

ESL have announced that due to growing concerns over the lag caused by a ‘BT glitch’, the first day of the pro league will be delayed. 343 have agreed that in order to remedy… Continue reading

Turkey to teach ESL how to have a proper purge

Turkey have just announced their intentions to give ESL lessons on how to properly purge following an attempted coup. President Erdogan has extended a personal invitation to ESL to come and join him to see… Continue reading

McGregor/Mayweather fight replaced by Mose and Flameshy

President of the UFC, Dana White, has just confirmed in breaking news that the highly anticipated McGregor/Mayweather fight is to be replaced by Mose and Flameshy.  Just moments ago, the organisation released this statement confirming the… Continue reading

Brexit campaign reminds us Mose is European

In a last minute attempt to sway voters, the Brexit campaign has reminded us that Mose is a European, and that by staying in Europe there’s a higher chance we’ll be stuck having to… Continue reading

Gaming finally just like Football, celebrates no-one

Gaming has finally become just like Football, celebrates no-one. With the recent purchase of an LCS team by German Foootball club Schalke, it has solidified a long overdue assimilation between e-sports and regular sports. It has… Continue reading

Panama papers uncover HCS Pro League details

Investigators today have reported that details of the upcoming HCS Pro league in Europe have been leaked in documents seized under the ‘Panama Papers’ scandal. Players have been left eagerly awaiting information regarding the… Continue reading

Wonderboy and Gaskin arrested on ‘having fun’ charges

National Halo celebrities Wonderboy and Gaskin have been arrested today following an incident at Multiplay’s Insomnia 57 event. The pair audaciously appeared on the community stream in bathrobes, shocking all 150 viewers and seven teams in… Continue reading

Region lock removal just an April Fools

Many gamers across Europe this morning woke up to the news that region lock has finally been removed. Players can now successfully match other people across the globe when searching public playlists and have reported shorter… Continue reading