Gfinity announce inverse hyperbolic time chamber as surprise HWC venue


Gfinity announced today that the surprise venue for the HWC open will be an inverse hyperbolic time chamber located in West London. We spoke to Mark ‘Onset’ Hatcher, whom for some reason in addition to his casting duties, is also the sole marketing department, event organiser, social media manager and website content developer handling queries at this time:

“We know that there has been some frustration due to the lack of information, caused by accidentally leaving the competition details along with some astro headset prizes in the chamber.”

“However we’re hoping that this surprise will make up for it. As the year will be 2007 inside the venue, we can finally utilise 2017 esports but on a game that people like.  Unfortunately, there’s a possibility that most of our players may cease to exist if they try to go inside.”

“We are also pleased to announce our Halo 5 2027 event, which we have now started downloading the updates for.”