Pro league postponed until players are supplied with Google Fiber


ESL have announced that due to growing concerns over the lag caused by a ‘BT glitch’, the first day of the pro league will be delayed. 343 have agreed that in order to remedy this for their players, they will be buying Google and then ensuring that each person is fitted out correctly to be able to play.

“We spoke to the players about the problem and we absolutely hear them. It turns out that what the players are calling a glitch, regular members of the public call a broadband package.

We think its absolutely vital that the players do not experience any lag when playing an online tournament. Obviously if there was some sort of way we could avoid this problem – such as getting the players to play eachother in a tournament environment without the use of the internet, by just connecting to eachother within the same vicinity, and playing all of the matches at once (including the challenger matches and promotion games) in an elimination style manner, that would be perfect. But as such a solution does not exist, we’re doing the next best thing.”