Brexit campaign reminds us Mose is European


In a last minute attempt to sway voters, the Brexit campaign has reminded us that Mose is a European, and that by staying in Europe there’s a higher chance we’ll be stuck having to deal with him. 

Nick Griffin from South Yorkshire, who voted ‘Leave’ today,  described Mose as “probably the next Ramsay Bolton.” When asked why he felt so strongly on the subject, he had this to say:

“Mose, in typical European fashion, stole someones job last year by taking their spot as a coach to the Halo World Championship. Now he’s taking the piss out of our jobs, and it’s quite simply a step too far. By doing that he’s refusing to integrate in to our Twitter culture of light hearted bants; keeping people up to date on your sleeping schedule and posting pictures of peoples faces.”

“I know it’s hard to get all the facts about this referendum, but one thing I do know for sure is that Mose is a European. And fuck that guy, I’m voting leave.”