Gaming finally just like Football, celebrates no-one

Gaming has finally become just like Football, celebrates no-one. With the recent purchase of an LCS team by German Foootball club Schalke, it has solidified a long overdue assimilation between e-sports and regular sports. It has become clear that whilst League of Legends may be the start, Football clubs have set their eyes on purchasing Halo teams in the near future. Spokesman David Schwarzenegger, who oversaw the deal for the club, had this to say:

“League of Legends is an excellent starting point, but I feel that Halo also shares some of the same qualities we’re looking for and would be another great game to invest in. Just like Football, nobody cares if the game is actually fun any more, only whether they can get famous or try and make some good money without having a real job.”

“Similarly, pretty much every fan thinks they’re an expert because they’ve reached Platinum in a playlist, just like the every day analysts who played 5-a-side once. It’s great for game interaction.”

“By branching in to e-sports we don’t intend to stand at the sidelines, and our goal will be to try and instil our ethos in to the players with careful management. There are already plenty of players who are spoiled with a sense of overpayment and popularity and they are the exact type of people we want in our clubs.”

However we spoke to Jimmy, who is 15 and from Dorset, and asked what he thought about e-sports merging with regular sports:

“I’m a big Halo fan and my favourite player is Ninja, I love watching his stream. But I was watching a tournament the other day and he got embarrassed by another player jumping over his head, and my friends who were supporting the other team had a good laugh. I’ve never been in a fight before, but if this was football I’d probably have to bash their heeds in.”