Panama papers uncover HCS Pro League details


Investigators today have reported that details of the upcoming HCS Pro league in Europe have been leaked in documents seized under the ‘Panama Papers’ scandal. Players have been left eagerly awaiting information regarding the upcoming League, which up until now has been kept closely a secret after being teased at the last World Championship. The documents are said to include emails sent to players who attended regionals, as well as a few “cheeky dm’s.”

The exact information held has not yet been released, as it is agreed that this is the most important leak so far and will have huge repercussions to levels of hype across the continent. However, early speculation suggests that anybody who runs a stream or has previously called themselves a pro in their twitter bio will automatically qualify.

Additionally, it has surfaced that several washed up players have been storing their pro seeding points in offshore accounts located in Malta, whilst playing from the UK. There have also been several allegations of job title misrepresentation, with competing players switching to coaching staff at the last minute to avoid unpaid salt tax.