Wonderboy and Gaskin arrested on ‘having fun’ charges


National Halo celebrities Wonderboy and Gaskin have been arrested today following an incident at Multiplay’s Insomnia 57 event. The pair audaciously appeared on the community stream in bathrobes, shocking all 150 viewers and seven teams in attendance at the time. 

PC principle, the head of the investigation and arresting officer, released this statement to the media shortly after bringing them in to custody:

“We’re pleased to confirm that the infamous duo have now been charged with ‘Having Fun with Intent’ under the ‘Party Pooper Act 2016.’ The pair will stand trial next week, facing two counts of ‘Reckless Shennanigans’ and one count of ‘Aggrevated Tomfoolery.’ I have the utmost confidence in a conviction, as they seem not to have shown any remorse for their heinous crime.”

“You can all rest easy tonight knowing that no more fun will be had without the proper consequences.”