Junior doctors to retire and become Halo Commentators


Following recent controversy regarding contract changes made by Jeremy Hunt, the Junior Doctors Union has declared that they are going to quit and become Halo Commentators instead. When asked why they were making the change, they released this statement:

“Well, we were interested in developing our skills and becoming the best in our field, but when we realised we couldn’t do that we thought it would just be easier to become a Commentator or Analyst instead.”

Steven Rosefield, a junior doctor from Leeds, also said: “Plus, you know, you get free holidays and if you’re especially good you’ll end up with a blue tick on twitter which I’d imagine is as valuable as human life anyway.”

Official correspondents on the matter have suggested that the commentator and analyst position is not nearly saturated enough already, and if anything we should look at recruiting from other essential services such as firefighters to fill the gap.